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TdC NorCal – Jones-Steele Chair

October 22nd, 2014|

As volunteer chair for the Tour de Cure Women’s Series inaugural Northern California event, I am very excited that we are just a few days away from seeing all of our effort come to fruition!

So, how, you may ask did I get involved with this event at this level? I am a passionate advocate for diabetes awareness and signed up as a volunteer in 2012. After riding in the Napa Tour de Cure in 2013 and serving as a volunteer for the Community Initiatives Committee of the Bay Area chapter of the American Diabetes Association, I was invited to participate in a focus group the organization was hosting to determine if such an event was feasible to try. Excited about the idea […]

Gieschen Wins SB MTB 100

October 7th, 2014|

After a long road race season, my fiancé and I were looking for a challenge to mix up our normal routine. We found the inaugural Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Classic. There were several distances but the 100 mile MTB had a nice ring to it, so he and I registered. The race was to take place just off of highway 154 and meander through Los Padres National Forest. For those of you that have ridden East Camino Cielo, you know just what kind of views I was in for during this race. For those that aren’t familiar, envision being able to see a full mountain range to your left and the ocean to your right. The view is as euphoric as it […]

Kim Fuess Conquers Everest!

October 3rd, 2014|

B4T9er Kim Fuess filed this ride report:

In August, I was looking for a cycling event I could sign up for. I needed a short term goal to stay motivated and keep up my riding/training. On Facebook, I saw a post on the Everest Challenge, a two day stage race, with about 29,000 feet of climbing that was taking place at the end of September. I thought this was exactly what I needed to challenge and motivate me. I had never climbed more than 13,000 ft in one day. This would be 14,000+ ft in less than 100 miles each day. Could I ride over 14,000 ft in one day and then go back out the next day and do the same thing?

Signing up […]

Podium for B4T9ers at SB Tri

September 25th, 2014|

B4T9 member and tri pro Lauren Capone was the overall women’s champion for the long course at Santa Barbara Triathlon (she just won Ironman Maryland). Congrats to Christine Houser (aka Major Judy)who  took 2nd place in her division and to Rosie Thompson who finished on the long course podium with super strong efforts! Tina Ikpysh also had a great showing for the long course.

B4T9ers CRUSH IT at Masters!

September 25th, 2014|

B4T9 powerhouses Andi Smith and MaryAnn Levenson were once again factors to be reckoned with as they took home silver and bronze in the individual pursuit and points race at the National Track Master’s.   B4T9 is looking forward to a full team for 2015 at Master’s Track and Road Nationals. Training starts now!